How to find your Compassion

Take care in what you do…everything you say, do, even think, sends out a ripple…sometimes, with wide-reaching effects.

Take a moment and breathe before you react or respond. It can make all the difference for you and those around you. It can give you time to find your compassion.

When the Going Gets Tough

I had breakfast with a dear friend yesterday. We talked about a lot of stuff. We talked about our relationships and our jobs (mine is the unpaid kind). We talked about getting older and the changes that brings. And we talked about how at some point in our lives, we are faced with something we have no control over, something that is a real struggle to deal with, or someone or something we wouldn’t choose to have in our lives.

In these situations, we may have the feeling like our lives are “over”, like we are backed into a corner, like we’ve been dealt a bad hand, and that, as a result, it all sucks. We think about the situation all the time, and feel the weight of our relentless thoughts and feelings. There is nowhere to run and hide.

What I have found though, is that the way to make peace with the “situation” is the opposite of trying to push it away (which is really draining energetically).

I have found the following to be helpful in these situations:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings and let them out. It can be in the form of tears, pounding your pillow, talking to someone about it, going for a run or other physical activity.
  2. Write it out. This is a point in itself and not a part of the first one because I truly believe in the power of getting it all on the page. As you write and notice the specific words that come up, as well as what you say, it provides an opportunity to clarify what is really bothering you. Writing also provides catharsis and an opportunity to process your feelings instead of stuffing them where the sun don’t shine.
  3. You’ve heard the saying “the only way out is through”, which means that no matter how much you would like to, you can’t fast forward or take a detour. Eventually you have to deal with what *is*.
  4. The art of dealing with what *is* : remember compassion; for yourself and everyone involved. Humour is often helpful. So is spending time in nature and doing something that brings you joy. Losing yourself in the moment is highly beneficial. Do this through art, cooking, gardening; whatever activity you enjoy.
  5. Don’t go it alone. Talk to someone. Get professional help. Adopt a pet. Volunteer for a good cause.
  6. Prayer, meditation and exercise.

I hope that this helps you when the going gets difficult in your life. Wishing you peace always,


Creative work

Creative work is…a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got. 

  – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Be You

Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.

– Steven Pressfield in The War of Art

Patiently Waiting

There is nothing I need to do, now that I’ve surrendered.

Now that I’ve opened my hands and heart to receive.

Now that I trust what I know will come.


I am now patiently waiting for the next clue to appear.

And, it will appear; if I am quiet and still in my heart and mind.


What a relief I now feel.

There is nothing that I must do.

Nothing to make happen.

No pushing or straining to see my will done.

No striving for the next thing.


I am now free to trust,

To breathe,

To pray,

To walk.

Believing, Smiling,

In the faith I have for Ultimate Reality.


I can now patiently wait,

for my future to unfold,

as it will, all on time.

And so it is.


by Cora Pacheco


Thoughts on what success really means from Loving Me too.

Loving Me, Too

Success Expense

Success is taking care of our health – our physical health, our mental health, and our spiritual health.

Success includes loving our families – our families of origin, our families of choice, or both.

Success does not compromise our values. It helps us feel good about who we are, deep down in our souls.

This is the success I seek.

It’s just over the next hill.

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Living Big and Brave

I have a question for you, dear reader.  What would it look like if you were living Big and Brave?

Maybe you already are.

Please, do tell.

Please tell me about what your life is like, or would be like, living Big and Brave.