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Self-sabotage and What to Do About It.

If you’re a human plagued by your inner Judge or any of the 9 saboteurs including Pleaser, Controller, Hyper Achiever, Victim, Avoider, please do yourself a favour and watch Shirzad Chamine’s Tedx video and check out his website

Returning to Your Self

Experiencing Gratitude and a Nourishing Meditation

I’ve been reading and listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza (author of Becoming Supernatural, Evolve Your Brain, You are the Placebo and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, among others). A comment he made has stayed with me: that often people who attend his workshops… Continue Reading “Experiencing Gratitude and a Nourishing Meditation”

You are the Art by Laura Hollick

Please watch this inspiring video by artist Laura Hollick. She asks “How do we create a new world”? She says it’s about tapping into your ability to be a Creator through your Imagination. We all need to do this! For ourselves and for our… Continue Reading “You are the Art by Laura Hollick”

Astrological Energy Forecast for March 25-31, 2018

I enjoy listening to Tanaaz’s weekly talk on what is happening in the heavens and how it may affect us. I have noticed in the last few months how much I seem to be impacted around the time of full moons. This may sound… Continue Reading “Astrological Energy Forecast for March 25-31, 2018”

Today’s Relaxing & Meditation Music with soft rhythmic drumming and OM mantra đź¤—

Music for meditation and healing for you đź¤—

This music is divine and so are the mandalas. So relaxing to listen and watch. Enjoy!

49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child | GoZen!

10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living by Dr BrenĂ© Brown

Here’s a nice summary of what wholehearted living looks like.