Month: March 2020

A Reading for the Collective: how can we make the most of this time of social distancing and isolation?

Ten of Pentacles:  by taking care of our physical needs – the whole human family (the world tapestry), as well as all sentient beings, grounding ourselves and staying connected to each other as best as we can. Knight of Pentacles: this is going to… Continue Reading “A Reading for the Collective: how can we make the most of this time of social distancing and isolation?”

Navigating the “bridge” on the path of Life

This post is about navigating what I’m calling “the bridge” on the path of life. The metaphorical bridge is where we are when we feel like we’re not sure where we’re heading. Or, we know where we would like to be heading, but we… Continue Reading “Navigating the “bridge” on the path of Life”

Temperance, Ten of Cups and Eight of Pentacles

I feel that, together, these cards are encouraging us to diligently and with intention, work at our “craft”, (that thing that makes us feel joyful when we’re doing it) and often comes about when we are being creative or feeling inspired in some way. … Continue Reading “Temperance, Ten of Cups and Eight of Pentacles”

The Hermit, The Sun, The Magician

It’s March 21, 2020 today.  In case you’re reading this months or years into the future, I’ll just say that the world is going through some troubled times right now.  These are the days where we are well into the Covid19 pandemic.  We are… Continue Reading “The Hermit, The Sun, The Magician”

Introducing the Eagle and Star Tarot shop

Just popping in today to let you all know that I’m pursuing a passion of mine by opening an Etsy shop as a Tarot and Oracle card reader. Check out my offerings at the following link. I’d love to help you get clarity on… Continue Reading “Introducing the Eagle and Star Tarot shop”