What is contentedness? by Hariod Brawn

I hope you will read and contemplate the ideas and inspiration of Hariod Brawn, author of the blog Contentedness.net.

This article is about how Contentedness is our natural state, and that when we let go of all the self-interested, ego driven pursuits we constantly engage in to “make ourselves happy” (also known as “striving”), we find that we land in a peaceful place; a place of contentment…which is a very, very good place!

Below is the text of this article and link to the website.

We live in a world of thoughts and emotions; so what could be more important than our sense of contentedness? Firstly, let’s go by the book – The Oxford English Dictionary. This gives us only a dry definition, but one that’s nonetheless useful and provides a point to embark upon a deeper, more fleshed-out understanding.…
— Read on contentedness.net/what-is-contentedness/

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