Month: March 2018

Astrological Energy Forecast for March 25-31, 2018

I enjoy listening to Tanaaz’s weekly talk on what is happening in the heavens and how it may affect us. I have noticed in the last few months how much I seem to be impacted around the time of full moons. This may sound… Continue Reading “Astrological Energy Forecast for March 25-31, 2018”

The Nature of Consciousness – a video by Deepak Chopra

If you are interested in the question “what is consciousness?”, you HAVE TO watch this short video. I plan on transcribing each of Deepak’s words so I can meditate on it; especially the part that what we observe is what materializes.

Today’s Relaxing & Meditation Music with soft rhythmic drumming and OM mantra 🤗

Music for meditation and healing for you 🤗

How to find your Compassion

Take care in what you do…everything you say, do, even think, sends out a ripple…sometimes, with wide-reaching effects. Take a moment and breathe before you react or respond. It can make all the difference for you and those around you. It can give you… Continue Reading “How to find your Compassion”